Product Description

Epoxidized soybean oil(ESO/ESBO) soluble in hydrocarbon, ketone, esters, higher alcohols, slightly soluble in ethanol Epoxidized soybean oil(ESO/ESBO) is the most widely-use epoxidized plasticizer and stabilizing agent of polyvinyl chloride. Epoxidized soybean oil (ESO/ESBO) has good compatibility with PVC resin. Epoxidized soybean oil(ESO/ESBO) has low volatility and little mobility. And it won’t react in heat or light. Epoxidized soybean oil(ESO/ESBO) is water-proof and oil-proof. Epoxidized soybean oil (ESO/ESBO) can make the products have good mechanical strength, resistance to elements and electrical property. What’s more, Epoxidized soybean oil (ESO/ESBO) is nonpoisonous and the assistant of food package materials authenticated internationally. If 3-5 shares of the product is used in the common soft products, it can improve the soft products’ stability in heat or light greatly. Used with santicizers, the product can reduce santicizers ‘ mobility. Used with metal heat stabilizer, the product can have obvious synergistic effect. And the use of the product can reduce the use level of other plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant.

SERENOL65 is epoxidized soybean oil which can be used as a low molecular weight polymericplasticizer, as well as an excellent auxiliary viny stabilizer. In amounts of 3-5 phr it provides good heat and light stability to PVC formulations by serving as an HCI scavenger.Food packaging materialsAdhesives used in articles for packaging holding or transporting food Resinous and polymeric coatings applied as continuous film or enamel over metal substrates Food packaging can side seam cementsComponent of coated or uncoated food contact surface of paper and paperboard.
CAS Number :81013-07-08
Chemical Composition :C57H106O10
Physical & Chemical Properties
Grade: SERENOL65
Physical & Chemical Properties:
1 Appearance Clear Yellow Liquid
2 Acid value, mg KOH/g 0.3 Max
3 Color Gardner 3 Max
4 Specific Gravity @ 25 °C 0.99
5 Viscosity cST@ 100 °F, 165
6 Oxirane Oxygen Contents 6.5
7 Iodine value 1.5 Max
8 Heat Stability @ 180 °C for 3 hrs 95
9 Refractive Index @ 25oC 1.448
Shipped in 200Kg HDPE/MS drums 80 drums per 20’ FCL Total 16MT per 20’ FCL Loaded without pallets

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